Teyrnged yr engyl ac unawdau eraill / The Angels' praise and other Solo

Sioned Terry, Accompanied

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Casgliad o dri darn addas i'r Nadolig ar gyfer llais uchel neu isel. Cyfansoddiadau gwreiddiol gan y gantores adnabyddus Sioned Terry.

  1. Teyrnged yr engyl/The Angel's praise
  2. Hwiangerdd Maria/Mary's Lullaby
  3. Yn ei dro/In it's season

Sheet music for solo voice and piano by the composer and Mezzo-Soprano Sioned Terry. Each song comes in a choice of two keys making them suitable for high or low voice. Words in Welsh and excellent English translations by Peredur Glyn.


  • Accompanied
Composer / Arranger:
  • Sioned Terry
  • English
  • Welsh
Tonic Sol-ffa:

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