Llanrwst - in D (Bariton)


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Llanrwst - a popular solo by the composer Gareth Glyn written to the words of his father, the poet T Glynne Davies. It was originally composed for tenor but is now available in a choice of keys which will suit Bas and Bariton voices. This is the version in D which is suitable for high Bariton. The notes range from C# - G. There are also versions available in C, Db and also E for tenor, as well as the original version for tenor in the volume called Llanrwst a chaneuon eraill (and other songs).

9019/1C - version in C ( B - F') Bas/Bariton

9019/1Db - Version in Db ( C - Gb) Bariton

9019/1D - Version in D (C# - G) High Bariton

Tonic Sol-ffa:

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