Harp scrapbook / Llyfr lloffion y delyn


Harp sheet music by John Metcalf. This music book contains 7 pieces. All the pieces of Harp Scrapbook are based on the same set of ascending and descending notes - containing all twelve chromatic notes. Each of the pieces, apart from two titles mentioned in the programme notes, may be performed as separate concert items. Harp scrapbook has been recorded by Elinor Bennett on the CD - Sea of Glass.

Llyfr i'r delyn yn cynnwys saith darn gan John Metcalf. Recordiwyd Elinor Bennett yn perfformio Llyfr lloffion y delyn ar y CD Môr o wydr.

Composer / Arranger:
  • John Metcalf
Tonic Sol-ffa: