Kyrie / Rho drugaredd

Alan Llewelyn Thomas, Accompanied

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Sheet music for SSA & piano by Alan Llewelyn Thomas. Welsh and Latin words on the score.

An extended setting of the Kyrie text by Alan Llewelyn Thomas. The outer (Kyrie Eleison) sections of this ternary form piece are relaxed in mood with the melody alternating between Sops 1 & 2, where dissonance, through the extensive use of suspension, is a feature. The brief middle (Christe Eleison) section is more homophonic in texture with some divisi in the Sop 2 and alto lines. Vocal range; alto Bb up to C, Sop. 2 Middle C to E, Sop 1 D to F#.

Duration, apx.3 mins.

  • Accompanied
Composer / Arranger:
  • Alan Llewelyn Thomas
  • Latin
  • Welsh
Tonic Sol-ffa:

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