Unawdau 2000

Accompanied, Robat Arwyn, Eirian Williams, Rhys Jones, Sioned Lloyd Williams, Robat Arwyn

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Unawdau i gyfeiliant piano gan Robat Arwyn, Eirian Williams, Rhys Jones a Sioned Lloyd Williams. Mae 2 fersiwn o bob cân fel bod y caneuon yn addas i lais uchel neu isel.

Hyn na'r coed / Older than the trees - Robat Arwyn, Welsh words by Robin Llwyd ab Owain (English words by John Stoddart)

Mystyn / Outreach - Eirian Williams, Welsh words by Myrddin ap Dafydd (English words by John Stoddart)

Cilfan y coed / Shade in the trees - Rhys Jones, Welsh and English words by Aled Lloyd Davies

Ffarwel / Farewell - Sioned Lloyd Williams, Welsh words by Gwilym Morris (English words by John Stoddart)

Sheet music for solo voice and piano. Four songs by Robat Arwyn, Eirian Williams, Rhys Jones and Sioned Lloyd Williams are contained in this book. Initially composed as part of a project to promote new singers whilst encouraging local eisteddfodau, they have become firm favourites in many a singer's repertoire. There are two versions of each song, in two different keys therefore suitable for high or low voices.

Cilfan y Coed - Rhys Jones with English subtitles. sung by Connie Fisher

Hyn na'r coed - Robat Arwyn, sung by Siân Wyn Gibson

Mystyn - Eirian Williams sung by Steffan Lloyd Owen

Cyfansoddwr / Trefnydd:
  • Robat Arwyn
  • Robat Arwyn, Eirian Williams, Rhys Jones, Sioned Lloyd Williams
  • Accompanied
  • English
  • Welsh
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