Llanrwst a chaneuon eraill

Accompanied, Gareth Glyn

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Saith o unawdau i gyfeiliant piano gan Gareth Glyn yn addas i amrywiaeth o leisiau.

Sheet music for solo voice and piano. Seven Solos by the composer Gareth Glyn are contained in this book. Most are set to the poems written by his father. These contemporary songs are suitable for a variety of voices. Notes are provided on each of the songs, giving background information and performance suggestion. High quality songs suitable in concerts, recordings and competition and suitable for use in colleges and conservatoires. Welsh and English words. (Some songs have been prepared in single sheets for other voices.)

Cyfansoddwr / Trefnydd:
  • Gareth Glyn
  • Accompanied
  • English
  • Welsh
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