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We publish many choral publications annually for male choirs. Unless noted otherwise, all these publications include the words in Welsh and English.

To assist you, we have marked religious pieces with a croes and pieces suitable for Christmas with a coeden nadolig.

You'll also notice that some sample pages, sound clips and videos are included in this section:

  • Cerddoriaeth indicates that you can see some of the pages of the work on screen
  • Sain indicates that you can listen to sound clips of the pieces (you will need the latest version of Real Audio Player)
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Catalogue No. Name Composer
  Builth / Trewen / Blaenwern  
4001 Deep Harmony croes Handel Parker
4002 Eli Jenkins' Prayer (Troyte) Troyte
4003 Myfanwy Joseph Parry
4004 Ave Verum Corpus croes W. A. Mozart
4005 The heavens proclaim croes Beethoven,
Brian Hughes (Arrangement)
4006 The Dove Mervyn Burtch (Arrangement)
4007 Sanctus croes F. Schubert
4008 Ave Verum croes Charles Gounod
4009 God so loved the world  croes Stainer
4010 I'm on my way croes T. Gwynn Jones
4011 Just as I am croes T. Gwynn Jones
4012 Blaenwern (Welsh hymn) croes Dyfed Wyn Edwards (Arrangement)
4013 Charlottown Emyr James (Arrangement)
4014 The shepherd's life Brian Hughes
4015 The echo Orlando di Lasso
4017 Crucifixus croes Lotti
4021 Evening hymn Llifon Hughes-Jones (Arrangement)
4022 Hunting the fox Llifon Hughes-Jones (Arrangement)
4023 Love's complaint Llifon Hughes-Jones (Arrangement)
4024 Two fond hearts w-a Ann Hopcyn (Arrangement)
4025 The grey horse Llifon Hughes-Jones (Arrangement)
4026 Hush my little darling Emyr James
4027 Coedmor (Welsh hymn tune) croes R. L. Jones,
Gwilym Lewis (Arrangement)
4028 If she were mine Gareth Leyshon (Arrangement)
4029 Fair Lisa Brian Hughes (Arrangement)
4031 Don Juan's serenade Tchaikovsky,
E. Williams (Arrangement )
4032 Lullaby  Dyfed Wyn Edwards (Arrangement)
4033 Tyddyn Llwyn (Welsh hymn) Llifon Hughes-Jones (Arrangement )
4034 Still as the night (Still Wie die Nacht) BOHM,
Alwyn Humphreys (Arrangement)
4035 Agenda for peace David Nevens
4036 Cwm Rhondda (Welsh hymn) W. O. Jones (Arrangement)
4037 Groeswen (Welsh hymn) W. O. Jones (Arrangement)
4038 Sunset W. O. Jones
4039 A child is born in Bethlehem Tree S. Scheidt,
E. Williams (Arrangement)
4040 Music when soft voices die Sjoberg,
Emrys Williams (Arrangement )
4041 In memory I lie Bizet,
Emrys Williams (Arrangement )
4042 Driving the Ox Brian Hughes (Arrangement)
4043 Liza Mary Brian Hughes (Arrangement)
4044 Down the vale Llifon Hughes-Jones
4045 Bluebells Gareth Glyn
4047 There is a Land Laurie Thompson
4048 Upon the shore Emyr James (Arrangement)
4049 The shepherd boy's song Anthony Whittaker
4050 A Balm in Gilead Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4051 All through the night Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4052 Plaisir d'amour Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4053 Shenandoah Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4054 Autumn leaves Emrys Williams (Arrangement)
4055 Sanctus (Welsh hymn) Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4056 Weimar Gwilym Lewis (Arrangement)
4057 Psalm 23 Caradog Roberts
4058 This little light of mine Derek Jones (Arrangement)
4059 Trewen (Welsh hymn) Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4060 De Ol' Ark Colin Lawrence (Arrangement)
4061 Rachie
(I bob un sy'n ffyddlon)
Caradog Roberts,
Alwyn Humphreys (Arrangement)
4062 Aberystwyth J. Parry,
A. Humphreys (Arrangement)
4063 Another Day Delyth Rees,
V. Hoppe (Trefn.)
4064 The 12 days of Christmas Tree Valerie Hoppe (Arrangement )
4065 Watching the white wheat Derek Jones (Arrangement)
4066 Jamaica Ffarwel W. O. Jones (Arrangement)
4067 Westminster Abbey H. Purcell,
W. O. Jones (Arrangement)
4068 Bobby Shaftoe William Barr (Arrangement),
North Country Folk Tune 
4069 O Holy Night A. Adam,
E. Williams (Arrangement)
4070 The star spangled banner Gwilym Lewis (Arrangement)
4071 Dominus Regit Me (Psalm 23) croes Brian Hughes
4072 Two fond hearts Mervyn Burtch (Arrangement)
4073 Onward Christian soldiers (St. Gertrude) Arthur Sullivan,
4074 Counting the goats Mary S. Jones (Arrangement)
4075 Love song  Eric Jones
4076 Never tell Emyr James (Arrangement)
4077 St. Clements croes C. C. Scholefield,
Eric Jones (Arrangement )
4078 Lausanne croes Caesar Malan,
John Tudor Davies (Arrangement)
4079 African Prayer Enoch Sontonga,
Eric Jones (Arrangement)
4080 Polish serenade Emrys Williams (Arrangement)
4081 Peace belongs to you and me Anthony Whittaker
4082 Christus Salvator croes Eric Jones
4083 Every time I feel the Spirit Derek Jones (Arrangement)
4084 Love thee Dearest Meirion Davies
4085 Rhys croes W. J. Evans,
James Hearn (Arrangement)
4086 Hwyrol Weddi James Griffiths
4087 O Waly! Waly! Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4088 The Gospel Train croes Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4089 Joshua croes Martin Hodson (Arrangement)
4090 Prysgol croes William Owen,
Eric Jones (Arrangement)
4091 Thine be the Glory Handel,
Derek Littlemore (Arrangement)
4094 Let us break bread together croes Colin Lawrence (Arrangement)
4095 All my trials Lord croes Colin Lawrence (Arrangement)
4100 The Star Carol coeden Gareth Glyn (Arrangement)
4101 The Golden Hills Gareth Glyn
4102 The Swan Carol croes Gareth Glyn
4103 Summer Sun, Lovers Moon Mike Kempster
4104 Lullaby Eric Jones
4105 Teneram Vocem Audio (Sara) croes S. Arnold,
Gilmor Griffiths (Arrangement)
4106 Psalmody croes Richard Roderick Jones
4107 Pokarekare ana Gwilym Lewis (Arrangement),
Maori Love Song
4108 Triology of Praise (Hymn tunes Berwyn, Ellers & Rhys) croes Derek Jones (Arrangement)
4109 Battle Hymn of the Republic croes W. O. Jones (Arrangement)
4110 Psalm 47 (Omnes gentes plaudite manibus) croes Brian Hughes
4111 Simkin the Cobbler Brian Hughes
4112 Our Father croes Dafydd Bullock
4113 My love is like venus (Welsh Folk Song) Emyr Rees (Arrangement)
4114 He made the Stars croes Robat Arwyn
4115 The Warriors Eric Jones
4116 Praise the Lord croes Emyr James
4117 Sanctus (Messe Solonelle St. Cecilia) croes Charles Gounod,
Derek Littlemore (Arrangement)
4118 Sirioldeb croes Jospeh Parry,
James Griffiths (Arrangement)
4119 Golden Haired Eliza Sioned Webb Jones (Arrangement)
4120 Pembroke croes John Foster,
W. Tudor Jones (Arrangement)
4121 Clawdd Madog croes D. Christmas Williams,
W. Tudor Jones (Arrangement)
4122   A festival of Welsh Hymn Tunes croes Alwyn Humphreys (Arrangement )
4123 Pange Lingua Gloriosi croes Anton Bruckner,
W. Tudor Jones (Arrangement)
4124 Shall we gather at the river croes R. Lowry,
Alwyn Humphreys (Arrangement)
4125 The future's beginning today  Gareth Glyn
4126 The Two Plump Geese Eric Jones
4127 The Peacemakers croes Eric Jones
4128 The FarAway Love D. Eifion Thomas
4129 Eifionydd Gareth Glyn
4130 Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) BIZET,
Alwyn Humphreys (Arrangement)
4131 Unfold ye portals GOUNOD,
Alwyn Humphreys (Arrangement)
4132 The Son of the Virgin (El noi de lamare) coeden Gareth Glyn (Arrangement)
4133 Recollection Eric Jones
4134 Benedictus Robat Arwyn
4135 Angels watching over me John Tudor Davies (Arrangement)
4136 My Child YouTube Aled Wyn Edwards
4137 Lux Aeterna Robat Arwyn
4138 Agnus Dei Robat Arwyn
4139 Hail! Potatoes! Gareth Glyn
4140 Psalm 23
Compulsory piece for the National Eisteddfod 2010
Eric Jones
4141 Russian Carol Emrys Williams
4142 Full Fathom Five Richard Hoyle
4143 L'il Liza Jane Richard Hoyle
4144 Gloria in Excelsis VIVALDI,
Alwyn Humphreys (Arrangement)
4145 Tis True Brian Hughes
4146 Gweddi'r Arglwydd (English words coming soon)  Edward-Rhys Harry
4147 Cadwyn o Emynau Cymraeg (Price, Ellers, In Memoriam) Edward-Rhys Harry
4148/3141 Bells are Ringing (TTB) Emrys Williams
4149 Ebenezer (O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus) Eric Jones
4150 War (translated words of Hedd Wyn by Louis Flint Cecci) Edward-Rhys Harry
4151 Crugybar Edward-Rhys Harry
4152 Llwyn Owen (Here is love vast as the ocean) Morfudd Llwyn Owen, Edward-Rhys Harry (Arrangement)
4153 Look to this Day Tim Knight
4154 Still, Still, Still Tim Knight
4155 Longing (traditional Welsh folk song, translated from the Welsh - Hiraeth) Brian Hughes (arrangement)
4156 Rock of Ages (arrangement of In Memoriam by Caradog Roberts) Brian Hughes (arrangement)
4157 Merch y syrcas (TTB - Welsh words only) Eric Jones
4158 The snowflakes on the trees Eric Jones
4159 O Son of Man Eric Jones
4159/SF O Son of Man (with sol-ffa) Eric Jones
4160 Pantyfedwen Gareth Glyn (arrangement)
4161 Don't go chasing shadows / Paid ymlid y cysgodion (Aberfan Commemoration) Edward-Rhys Harry
4162 I hear thy welcome voice D T Douglas Roberts
4163 I am the song Robat Arwyn
4164 Bugeilio'r gwenith gwyn (T.B.) Welsh folk song. Welsh words only. Robat Arwyn
4165 Damsels! / Merched Robat Arwyn
4166 Cwlwm Cariad (medley of Welsh love songs) Lisa Lân, Ar lan y Môr, Suo Gân  Alan Llewelyn Thomas