Vocal Music

We publish many publications annually for vocalists. Unless noted otherwise, all these publications include the words in Welsh and English.

To assist you, we have marked religious pieces with a croes and pieces suitable for Christmas with a coeden nadolig.

You'll also notice that some sample pages, sound clips and videos are included in this section:

  • Cerddoriaeth indicates that you can see some of the pages of the work on screen
  • Sain indicates that you can listen to sound clips of the pieces (you will need the latest version of Real Audio Player)
  • YouTube indicates that you can see a video clip of the piece being performed

You can order music from this section directly via our distributor - Active Music Services - by clicking here. Remember that photocopying copyrighted music is illegal.

Active Music Services

Catalogue No. Name Composer

Boed Noël - Available directly from Curiad

More information


Er Hwylio'r Haul - Available directly from Curiad 

More information

Robat Arwyn


The Angels' Praise and other pieces

1. The Angels' Praise

2. In its turn

3. Maria's Lullaby

For High or Low Voice - Available directly from Curiad

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Sioned Terry

9001 I saw three ships Dilys Elwyn-Edwards
9002 Praise of summer Lyn Davies

Songs of the seasons

  1. Winter
  2. Spring
  3. Summer
  4. Autumn
Dilys Elwyn-Edwards

Elfennau - Four Songs for medium or high voice (Welsh lyrics only)

  1. Nos o Haf
  2. Y Moelwyn
  3. Tir na n-Og
  4. Cwyn y Gwynt
Llifon Hughes-Jones
9005 Mair (Welsh lyrics only) Lyn Davies
9008 The mill at Trefin Llifon Hughes-Jones
9009 Fair Lisa Brian Hughes (Arrangement)
9010 Love in Christ Llifon Hughes-Jones
9011 The moderate sinner Susan L. Jones
9012 A Birthday Susan L. Jones
9013 Futility Susan L. Jones
9014 Spectres Lyn Davies
9015 Orador sur Glane Lyn Davies

Yr Alarch and other songs

  1. Yr Alarch
  2. Bugeilgerdd gwyl Ifan
  3. Y Fflam
  4. Y Llyn
  5. Eirlysiau
  6. Yr Ynys Bellenig (Welsh lyrics only)
Eric Jones

Five Reflective Songs

  1. Tell us, Mary
  2. Noël
  3. The pilgrim's isle
  4. Beside the wide Menai
  5. The Isle of Avalon
Dilys Elwyn-Edwards

Life reborn


  1. The cauldron
  2. Golgotha
  3. Snowdrops
  4. Spring
  5. Challenge
Gareth Glyn

Llanrwst and other songs

  1. Llanrwst
  2. Herod's Song
  3. Songs of the War
  4. Futile
  5. Slowly the Ticking Clock
  6. Talors
  7. Recalling
Gareth Glyn
9020 There is a land Laurie Thompson
9021 Another Day Delyth Rees
9022 My love is like venus Emyr Rees (Arrangement)

Tears of Joy

  1. Dagrau Gorfoledd
  2. Yr Ehedydd
  3. Y Bedd Pell
  4. Y Ddinas Ledrith
  5. Min y Mor
Eric Jones

Stille Nacht and other songs

  1. Y Llong
  2. Eirlysiau
  3. Yr Eos
  4. Llygad y dydd yn Ebrill
  5. Ave Maris Stella
  6. Stille Nacht
Dilys Elwyn-Edwards
9027 Millennium Songs YouTube
  1. Hyn na'r Coed - Robat Arwyn
  2. 'Mystyn - Eirian Williams
  3. Cilfan y Coed/Shade in the trees - Rhys Jones 
  4. Ffarwél - Sioned Lloyd Williams
9027A Millennium Songs (Cassette)  
9028 The Swan Carol Gareth Glyn

Circle of Song

  1. Bore Newydd - Euros Rhys
  2. Yr Elyrch - J.Eirian Jones
  3. Y Grefftwraig - Eirlys Gravelle

Cream of Song

  1. Myfyrdod - Mary S. Jones
  2. Mae'r Ofnau'n Fud - Gwennant Pyrs
  3. Rho 'Fory i Minnau - Delyth Rees 

Songs of January (for High Voice)

      1. January

      2. Feeding the Birds  (example here sung in Welsh)

      3. Snowdrops

Gareth Glyn

Benedictus (Duet) YouTube

Tune 1 available here

Robat Arwyn
9034 Agnus Dei - Duet Robat Arwyn
9035 Afon Alaw (Solo for Alto voice - Welsh words only) Gareth Glyn

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