Choral Music - SATB (Mixed)

Unless noted otherwise, all these publications include the words in Welsh and English. Scroll down to see the most recent pieces published.

To assist you, we have marked religious pieces with a croes and pieces suitable for Christmas with a coeden nadolig.

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Catalogue No. Name Composer
1056 Er Hwylio'r Haul Robat Arwyn
3001 The song of the Three Croes Dilys Elwyn-Edwards
3002 Deep Harmony Croes Handel Parker
3003 Eli Jenkins' Prayer (Troyte) Croes Troyte
3004 Myfanwy Cerddoriaeth Joseph Parry
3005 Ave Verum Corpus Croes Cerddoriaeth W. A. Mozart
3007 Missa Brevis Croes Dilys Elwyn-Edwards
3008 Sanctus Croes F. Schubert
3009 Ave Verum Croes Cerddoriaeth Charles Gounod
3010 God so loved the world Croes Stainer
3011 This is the hallowed morn Coeden Dilys Elwyn-Edwards (Arrangement)
3012 There were in that region Coeden Dilys Elwyn-Edwards (Arrangement)
3013 O Holy Night Croes Adolphe Adam,
Alan Smith (Arrangement)
3014 In Mary's name Coeden Brian Hughes (Arrangement)
3015 On Christmas morning Coeden Brian Hughes (Arrangement)
3016 Alleluia (Im Memoriam William Mathias) Sain Lyn Davies
3017 Mary's song Coeden Mervyn Burtch
3018 Sing we now of Christmas Coeden Mervyn Burtch
3019 Another Day Delyth Rees
3020 Christ the King Coeden Gareth Glyn
3021 The Maid of Sker Einion Dafydd (Arrangement)

Balulalou Croes

Llifon Hughes-Jones
3024 By the sea Llifon Hughes-Jones
3025 Carol Coeden Susan L. Jones
3026 Three Welsh folk songs:
  1. Migldi Magldi Sain
  2. Sleep away, my gentle child 
  3. As I went with Tom to Tywyn
Mervyn Burtch (Arrangement)
3027 Tomorrow shall be Coeden Mervyn Burtch (Arrangement)
3028 Hush my little darling Emyr James (Arrangement)
3030 Cantigas Coeden David Nevens
3031 Angelus Emittitur Coeden David Nevens
3032 Regum Suscipe Coeden David Nevens
3036 Missa Brevis Croes Sain Mervyn Burtch
3037 BenedictusCroes Mervyn Burtch
3038 Gloria Croes Mervyn Burtch
3039 Lullaby David Nevens
3040 I will lift up my eyes (Psalm 121)  Croes Cerddoriaeth Robat Arwyn
3042 Jesus Lives! Croes Emyr James
3043 The Wife’s Complaint Mervyn Burtch
3044 Haughty Pheasant Brian Hughes
3045 The Curlew Brian Hughes
3046 The Sparrow Sain Brian Hughes
3047 Cynddylan's room Susan L. Jones
3050 Watching the white wheat Robat Arwyn (Arrangement)
3051 Fair Lisa Cerddoriaeth Hugh Gwynne (Arrangement )
3052 The Oxen Croes Mervyn Burtch
3053 Sing on, sweet dove Croes Susan L. Jones
3054 Along the shore Nigel Jones (Arrangement)
3055 All through the night Cerddoriaeth Nigel Jones (Arrangement)
3056 Winter's night Coeden Peter Teague
3057 The shepherd boy's song Croes Anthony Whittaker
3058 Noël Coeden Brian Hughes
3059 The lark in the clear air Alan Smith (Arrangement)
3060 How can I keep from singing? Alan Smith (Arrangement )
3061 Noah Cerddoriaeth Brian Hughes
3062 Tis true Coeden Brian Hughes
3063 Our day's fair daughter Mary S. Jones
3064 Psalm 23 Croes Mary S. Jones
3065 Praise the Lord Croes Mary S. Jones
3066 Psalm 23 Croes Caradog Roberts
3067 They're all saying Einion Dafydd (Arrangement)
3068 Forget the hist'ry books Einion Dafydd
3069 Liza Mary Hugh Gwynne (Arrangement)
3070 Infant Joy Coeden Anthony Whittaker
3071 Rejoice and be merry Coeden Anthony Whittaker
3072 The shepherd and the King Coeden Sain Mervyn Burtch
3073 Sir Christemas Coeden Mervyn Burtch
3074 What is that fragrance Coeden Alan Smith (Arrangement)
3075 Were you there? Croes Alan Smith (Arrangement)
3076 The riddle song Alan Smith (Arrangement)
3077 Sourwood Mountain Alan Smith (Arrangement )
3078 Wayfaring stranger Alan Smith (Arrangement )
3079 Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Croes Alan Smith (Arrangement)
3080 The Son of the Virgin (El noi de lamare) Coeden Gareth Glyn (Arrangement )
3081 Carol y seren Coeden Gareth Glyn
3083 The Swan Carol Gareth Glyn
3084 Cantate Domino Croes Gareth Glyn
3086 Hail! Potatoes Gareth Glyn
3087 Now this Day Gareth Glyn
3088 Summer Sun, Lovers Moon Mike Kempster
3089 Gentle Dove Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement)
3090 Lullaby Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement) 
3091 All through the night Cerddoriaeth Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement) 
3092 The Rejected Maiden Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement) 
3093 The London-derry Air Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement)
3094 De Lord he had a job for me Croes Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement) 
3095 Over the Stone Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement) 
3096 By the waters of Babylon Croes Kelvin Thomas
3097 The Prince of Peace Coeden Kelvin Thomas

Songs of Mirth & Sadness

  • 3100 / 1 - Llansteffan
  • 3100 / 2 - Pancakes
  • 3100 / 3 - The Skylark
  • 3100 / 4 - The Grey Horse
Brian Hughes
3101 Prayer of the Lord Croes Peter Teague
3102 The Birth of Christ Croes Brian Hughes
3104 He made the stars Croes Robat Arwyn
3105 Bill Emyr James
3106 Sing praises to our God most high Croes Eric Jones
3107 The Fiddler of Pendine Eric Jones
3109 Sleep my little son Coeden T. Goronwy Pughe
3110 Three Eastern Kings Coeden Peter Teague
3111 White wild midsummer rose Kelvin Thomas (Arrangement)
3113 Far away in Juda Coeden Robat Arwyn
3114 O Nefol Addfwyn Oen Croes Sioned Williams,
Robat Arwyn (Arrangement)
3115 Argoed Tecwyn Ellis
3116 Johnny Onions Robat Arwyn
3117 Why Should I? W. Tudor Jones (Arrangement)
3118 Ffa la ba lam W. Tudor Jones (Arrangement)
3119 Beside the Sea Jayne Davies (Arrangement)
3120 My Heart is Steadfast Croes   THis example sung in Welsh Delyth Hopkins Evans
3121 The Old Songs Yet endure John Hywel
3122 Mae'r Alawon Hen yn Fyw John Hywel

The Memory of Stars Coeden Croes

A choral song cycle for SATB choir with Baritone and Soprano soloists, was commissioned by the 2001 National Eisteddfod of Wales for Bryn Terfel, Fflur Wyn and Cor Rhuthun. The songs portray the glory of God and the star of Bethlehem, stars as an image of love and ambition, and the practice, by some, of reading the stars.

Complete work available here

  1. He made the stars
  2. King of the stars
  3. The morning star
  4. Christmas stars
  5. The memory of stars
  6. The cold eye of Leo
  7. The North star
  8. The stars are singing
Robat Arwyn
3124 The Peacemakers Croes Eric Jones
3126 When Two Believe Jayne Davies (Arrangement)
3127 O Son of Man Croes Eric Jones
3128 Nightfall Einion Dafydd
3129 African Prayer / Nkosi Sikelel' Iafrika Enoch Sontonga,
Eric Jones (Arrangement)

Four English Folk Songs

  • 3130 / 1 - I will give my love an apple
  • 3130 / 2 - The Turtle Dove
  • 3130 / 3 - The Water of Tyne
  • 3130 / 4 - The Water is Wide
Alan Smith (Arrangement)
3131 This Blessed Day John Hywel (Arrangement)
3132 The Turtle Dove is Singing John Hywel (Arrangement)
3133 How Lovely are Thy Dwellingscroes Eric Jones
3134 Praise the Lordcroes Eric Jones
3135 King of the Stars  Robat Arwyn
3136 Sing your Praise to the Lordcroes Hywel Glyn Lewis
3137 Benedictuscroes   Cerddoriaeth Robat Arwyn
3138 Pokarekare Ana Gwilym Lewis
3139 Henffych Well (Welsh words only) Gareth Glyn
3140 The Prayercroes                (example sung in Welsh) Eric Jones
3141 Bells are ringing croes Emrys Williams
3142 Wrth fynd efo Deio'i Dywyn (Welsh words only) Richard Vaughan
3143 Gweddi'r Arglwyddcroes Edward-Rhys Harry
3144 The Music is Calling Eric Jones
3145 Justorum Animae  Richard Vaughan
3146 Agnus Dei Robat Arwyn
3147 Cradle Hymn Geraint Davies
3148 He Never Said a Mumblin' Word (Negro Spiritual) E. Olwen Jones
3149 Calvary (Negro Spiritual) E. Olwen Jones
3150 Ave Maria  Richard Vaughan
3151 Christmas 1914   This example sung in Welsh Richard Vaughan
3152 For the Fallen  Geraint Davies
3153 Rose of our King       (this example sung in Welsh) Gareth Glyn
3154 This is our Wales Gareth Glyn
3155 The Bittern (Welsh folk song - Deryn y Bwn) Nigel Jones
3158 Lux Aeterna (excerpt from Er Hwylio'r Haul) Robat Arwyn
3159 Todda fi'n rhydd (Welsh words only)  Meilyr Wyn
3160 When I survey the wondrous cross Alan Smith
3161 Rhyfeddod (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3162 Boed fy nghalon i ti'n demel (Welsh words only) Arfon Wyn (arr. Meilyr Wyn)
3163 Y Lleuad a'r ser (Welsh words only) Arfon Wyn (arr. Meilyr Wyn)
3164 Shenandoah Alan Smith
3166 Two Irish folk songs (Down by the Salley Gardens, She moved through the fair) Alan Smith
3169 Corpus Domini Richard Vaughan
3172 Esgyniad (Welsh words only) Hector Macdonald
3167 Pantyfedwen (Welsh and English words) Eddie Evans and W Rhys Nicholas  Jeff Howard (arrangement)
3177 Dathliadau (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3178 Y geiriau bychain (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3179 Ei gwmni Ef (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3180 Fe gawn ddawnsio (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3181 Bendithia Dduw (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3182 Cadi mi ddawns (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3183 Y Mor enaid (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3184 Cwyd dy lais (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3185 Nunc Dimittis Eric Jones
3186 War (English translation of Hedd Wyn's 'Rhyfel' by Alan Llwyd  Richard Vaughan
3187 Lead kindly light/Oleuni Mwyn Alun Williams
3188 Alone with Jesus / Yng nghwmni Iesu Mary McGuyer
3189 Gosber (Welsh words only) Andrew Cusworth
3190 Sion a Siân / Betty botta  Robat Arwyn
3191 Ar lan y môr / Along the shore Alan Llewelyn Thomas
3192 Ubi Caritas Alan Llewelyn Thomas
3193 It is well with my soul / Diogel wyf  Eilir Owen Griffiths (Arr.)
3194 Down to the river / Lawr i'r afon Eilir Owen Griffiths (Arr.)
3195 Lully, Lulla, Lullay Meirion Wynn Jones
3196 Janice (Plasir d'amour) Richard Vaughan
3197 The future's begining today (not available till 2019) Gareth Glyn
3198 The Lord is my shepherd(Psalm 23) from the Opera - Wythnos yng Nghymru Fydd Gareth Glyn
3199 Llanrwst (easier version within the abilities of most choirs) English words available Gareth Glyn
3200 Llanrwst (more suitable for competitions) - will be available for general release in 2019 Gareth Glyn
3201 Lully, Lulla   Alan Llewelyn Thomas
3205 Alelwia (Welsh words only) Eric Jones
3206 Longing / Hiraeth (Welsh folk song with English words too) Brian Hughes
3207 Ti yw hon (Welsh words only)  Alan Llewelyn Thomas